Mexico in 2018 and Beyond

Mexico in 2018 and Beyond

Is Mexico turning away from the pro-business reform agenda of the current administration?

On July 1, 2018 they will go to the polls to elect a new president. Frustrated with ingrained corruption and criminality, the electorate favours the candidacy of one man: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Organisations with interests in Mexico should be aware of the potential for:

  • A close race characterised by populist, anti-business commitments.
  • A new administration that may try to roll back pro-investment, liberal reforms affecting the energy, manufacturing, telecommunications and transport sectors.
  • A new leadership that may lack the resolve or mandate to tackle structural issues of crime, corruption, trade and public sector reform. 

 The rise of Lopez Obrador and his National Regeneration Movement not only reflects frustration with the liberal orthodoxy of Mexico’s political elite, but it also raises deeper questions about the fundamental course of Mexico itself.

Whatever the outcome of the election, investors in Mexico are likely to see a period of considerable uncertainty.


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