Flagship guide to understanding critical challenges ahead 

Prospects, our annual series published within The Oxford Analytica Daily Brief®, assesses the outlook for the major regions of the world and key sectors and markets. It provides an invaluable strategic guide for decision-makers to the risks and potential rewards that lie ahead for next twelve months.

The series draws upon the same global network of experts and in-house analysts whose expertise produces the Daily Brief. As such, it is the product of a unique process designed to deliver rigorous, authoritative and impartial analysis. 

The Prospects series is published over a month-long period in November, looking at the year ahead. A mid-year update is published the following June and July. 

Prospects 2018

Prospects 2018 is a 65,000 word guide to risks and opportunities in 2018, comprising: seven analyses of global risks (for example, the economy and energy), 35 regional and country analyses and a special five-year focus, this year looking at five maritime regions. For more detail, see below for full contents page and links.

Clients regulary highlight the Prospects series as one of the most valuable parts of their Daily Brief subscription.