World Government Summit

The World Government Summit is a knowledge exchange platform at the intersection between government, futurism, technology and innovation. It is the primary global forum dedicated to shaping the future of government worldwide. Each year, the Summit sets the agenda for the next generation of governments with a focus on how they can harness innovation and technology to solve universal challenges.

Oxford Analytica's value

Oxford Analytica is proud to be a World Government Summit Knowledge Partner. For the past two years we have contributed thought leadership reports to the Summit, in partnership with the UAE Prime Minister’s Office.

Oxford Analytica’s contributions to the Summit are designed to:

  • develop solutions to policy problems
  • innovate service delivery for a digital generation, and
  • distil insights for stakeholders across the public and private sectors.


Gamification and the Future of Education

The recent growth in popularity of video games has spurred a push to understand exactly what makes them so compelling – and whether any of these elements can be applied to education.

Networked Government

This report explores the future of governance and the role of technology in enabling public service delivery anywhere, anytime, anyhow.