Munich Security Conference

The Munich Security Conference (MSC) is the major global forum for the discussion of security policy. Each February, it brings together more than 450 senior decision-makers from around the world, including heads-of-state, ministers, leading personalities of international and non-governmental organisations, as well as high ranking representatives of industry, media, academia, and civil society, to engage in an intensive debate on current and future security challenges.

Oxford Analytica's value

We are delighted to renew our relationship with the Munich Security Conference in 2016. Our Principal, Graham Hutchings, and Senior Vice President for Europe, Francois Deschamps, will both be present at Munich. They look forward to meeting you, and explaining how Oxford Analytica’s expertise can contribute to strategic decision-making in both public and private sector organisations.

A chief topic for the Munich Security Conference this year will be Climate Security, and we contributed analysis on water stress to the Munich Security Report 2016, which will be released when the Conference opens.

Water stress

Water stress is a phenomenon of growing importance in international and domestic security. For many states, it is the vector through which extreme meteorological events are transmitted to wider society and one which increases political and social fragility. It does so by reinforcing a vicious cycle between drought, land degradation and infertility. Technological solutions can offer some relief but are rarely a panacea.

As we have shown in recent analysis of the problem in places as far apart as China and Colombia, water pollution and water shortages pose acute challenges which, if not met, threaten to blight prospects for years to come. Cross-border strategies are required. One of them, though still far off, would be the creation of a ‘global price’ for water.

A region under water stress?