Corporate Social Responsibility

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We help clients develop successful CSR strategies and monitor environmental, social and reputational risks.

Using in-house trend analysis tools developed for CSR, we analyse the ethical implications of issues ranging from climate change and resource scarcity to specific supply chains.

Client team: CSR team at an engineering and project management firm

Issue: How will climate change, labour and CSR policies affect the client's ability to produce successful infrastructure, construction and engineering proposals?

Engagement: Online monitor of sustainability initiatives in 18 countries, delivered by our CSR and policy analysis teams, highlighting affected customers and competitors and outlining key opportunities.

Result: The client uses our research to inform proposal writing and anticipate legislative developments around the world.

Client team: Sustainability

Issue: Which countries have the best potential as long-term rice suppliers from a commercial and ethical perspective?

Engagement: Country analysis (including social and environmental horizon-scanning) from our Advisory CSR team.

Result: The client prioritised ten countries from which to source rice.

Client team: Sustainability

Issue: What long-term trends will affect the supply of natural resources required for future energy production?

Engagement: Our macro strategy and CSR teams carried out a study forecasting demand and supply across the spectrum of natural resources using our Advisory practice's macro forecasting methodology.

Result: The client developed strategies to anticipate future water scarcity and other resource constraints.

Client team: Marketing and Business Development

Issue: What factors will drive sustainable trade over the next 10-15 years?

Engagement: Two thought leadership reports from our Advisory thought leadership and CSR teams, using trend analysis and scenario planning:

  • Insights: Five Drivers of Sustainable Trade
  • Scenarios for the Future of Sustainable Trade

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Result: Commerzbank positioned itself as a leader in sustainable trade financing.