Corporate security

Laptop showing Oxford Analytica's Threat Assessment Dashboard

We advise on current and emerging threats to corporate security and business continuity.

We integrate our threat forecasting and evaluation process into our clients' security procedures to enable them to take efficient, pre-emptive action.

Client team: Aviation Security

Issue: A Middle Eastern airline needs to understand the current and emerging security risks threatening its operations across 22 priority countries.

Engagement: Real-time assessment of critical aviation security risks from our corporate security team's risk assessment information system

Result: The client responds quickly and effectively to shifting dynamics in the security environment. Our service strengthens internal processes for reviewing suspended routes and new markets from a threat management perspective.

Client team: Corporate security

Issue: How does the interplay between state and non-state actors pose a threat to the client's oil and gas operations in Somaliland?

Engagement: Stakeholder mapping of key militant groups and their relationship with other political and security actors from our Advisory corporate security team.

Result: The client prioritised operating locations in need of enhanced protection.

Client team: Strategic intelligence

Issue: A telecoms firm wanted to expand into Ethiopia. 

Engagement: Our corporate security team assessed critical threats to telecoms in Ethiopia.

Result: Our work informed the client’s due diligence for market entry.

Client team: Corporate Security

Issue: An international hotel chain wants to expand into South-east Asia, a region which offers high growth potential but also security threats.

Engagement: Macro-risk horizon scanning of security threats from Advisory's corporate security team.

Result: The hotel chain can strengthen its internal review process for market entry and expansion.