Electricity pylons on fields of crops silhouetted against a mostly blue sky

We advise power companies, renewable energy firms and telecoms companies on political, regulatory, security and environmental risks that impact their operations, as well as identifying new growth opportunities.

Client team: CSR team at an engineering and project management firm

Issue: How will climate change, labour and CSR policies affect the client's ability to produce successful infrastructure, construction and engineering proposals?

Engagement: Online monitor of sustainability initiatives in 18 countries, delivered by our CSR and policy analysis teams, highlighting affected customers and competitors and outlining key opportunities.

Result: The client uses our research to inform proposal writing and anticipate legislative developments around the world.

Client team: Public Policy

Issue: A power company wanted to know how political, economic and social pressures would impact electricity markets across Europe.

Engagement: Our Advisory macro strategy team developed a quarterly monitor which examined strategic issues facing the electricity market in Europe, including: the boom in solar energy; protests against energy price increases; and Europe's economic outlook.

Result: The client used our monitoring when reviewing its operations in Europe.

Client team: Risk Management and Finance

Issue: A global utilities firm needs a way to incorporate political risk into discounted cash flow projections.

Engagement: The Value at Political Risk online system allows risk and finance teams to produce estimates of expected loss and probable maximum loss from political risk specific to the utilities sector and the firm's country exposures.

Result: The client's financial projections incorporate provision for political risk based on a sound methodological footing.

Client team: Strategic intelligence

Issue: A telecoms firm wanted to expand into Ethiopia. 

Engagement: Our corporate security team assessed critical threats to telecoms in Ethiopia.

Result: Our work informed the client’s due diligence for market entry.

Client team: Business development

Issue: A utility considering global investments wanted to understand the medium-term outlook for the renewable energy sector in Brazil.

Engagement: Macro-diligence study and expert briefings on Brazil from our Advisory macro strategy team.

Result: The client made Brazil a cornerstone of its growth strategy.