Transport and tourism

A ship, a plane and a heavy goods vehicle at a container port

We advise major airlines and other transportation companies on how geopolitical and security threats can disrupt their continuity of operations.

We advise on the impact to operations of trans-border issues such as trade agreements and environmental regulations.

Client team: Aviation Security

Issue: A Middle Eastern airline needs to understand the current and emerging security risks threatening its operations across 22 priority countries.

Engagement: Real-time assessment of critical aviation security risks from our corporate security team's risk assessment information system

Result: The client responds quickly and effectively to shifting dynamics in the security environment. Our service strengthens internal processes for reviewing suspended routes and new markets from a threat management perspective.

Client team: Strategy, Risk, Business development

Issue: Among the 200+ regional free-trade agreements under negotiation, a handful are critical to future world trade. Monitoring their progress is crucial to the future business plans of companies that manage and haul freight.

Engagement: Subscription to the The Daily Brief, with customised email to provide high-priority notification of critical events and curated content to drill down into individual regional trade agreements.

Result: The client is assured of continuous tracking of business-critical developments concerning regional free-trade deals with expert analysis of political and economic factors likely to change implementation prospects.

Client team: Security, Risk

Issue: Global travel company needed early warning of emerging areas of potential tourism security risks to supplement existing known-threat assessment capability.

Engagement: Subscription to The Daily Brief augmented by one-to-one conversations with specialist analysts.

Result: The client enhanced its internal capacity with continuous monitoring across multiple geographies of nascent political and economic developments likely to elevate or lower threat levels to tourism both in areas of existing operations and in potential new ones.

Client team: Corporate Security

Issue: An international hotel chain wants to expand into South-east Asia, a region which offers high growth potential but also security threats.

Engagement: Macro-risk horizon scanning of security threats from Advisory's corporate security team.

Result: The hotel chain can strengthen its internal review process for market entry and expansion.