A worker on a high-tech production line

We advise manufacturing companies on drivers of long-term demand, market entry and expansion, and on political, security and environmental risk to operations and supply chain.

Client team: Government relations in a major utilities conglomerate

Issue: The client needs to protect assets over the long term in a country where one political figure has ruled for decades and macroeconomic crisis currently pervades.

Engagement: Macroeconomic, political and social scenario modelling from our Advisory macro strategy team,  to provide a clear sense of possible futures over the next five years. In each scenario, we identified key stakeholders within and outside government and put forward stakeholder engagement strategies.  

Result: The client identified and prioritised relevant external stakeholders so as to optimise its operations in all potential scenarios.

Client team: Strategy and Business Development

Issue: Which countries offer automobile market potential with limited risks to manufacturing and distribution facilities?

Engagement: Forecast reports and country studies from our Advisory macro strategy and country risk teams

Result: The client targeted three countries as candidates for investment.

Client team: Strategy and Business Development

Issue: What opportunities will exist for infrastructure investment at a global level in the next five years?

Engagement: Demand forecasting and scenario planning from our Advisory macro strategy team.

Result: The client updated its medium-term business development strategy.

Client team: Geopolitical Risk

Issue: How could rising political uncertainty in South-east Asia affect the client’s operations in the region?

Engagement: Rapid-response analysis and expert briefings on key events and trends in the main countries of operation from our Advisory country risk team.

Result: The client is better able to anticipate and manage political volatility affecting its operations.

Client team: Research institute of large corporate

Issue: How to broaden risk awareness beyond issues emerging from within the organisation

Engagement: Subscription to the Global Risk Monitor as an add-on to The Daily Brief 

Result: An improved ability to translate awareness of global risks into effective strategy, for example by taking action to alter unsustainable supply chains