We advise organisations across the healthcare sector on global macro trends and developments, enabling them to seize opportunities and manage strategic and operational risks. By understanding the complex nature of healthcare at the local, national, and international levels, our clients can design and implement strategies and policies that will have a meaningful impact

Client team: Healthcare marketing

Issue: In partnership with Accenture, we looked at the digital health transformation from the perspectives of those at the forefront of it: Chief Information Officers (CIOs).

Engagement: We interviewed 33 CIOs across seven countries and three continents to get their perspectives on digital health, both now and in the future. We produced a series of reports, published in partnership with Accenture, looking at organisational transformation, stakeholder management, and the role of the CIO within their respective organisations.

Result: Accenture was able to build its reputation as a thought leader on digital health and deepen client engagement.

Client team: Office of the Chief Executive

Issue: HealthforAnimals, the organisation representing manufacturers of veterinary medicines, vaccines and other animal health products – asked us to produce a thought leadership report to help increase awareness about the costs of animal disease.

Engagement: With the help of a team of leading experts in the field of animal disease economics, we produced a concise and informative report outlining the key social and economic costs of animal disease on a global scale.

Result: HealthforAnimals used our report as the basis of discussion at a roundtable event that assembled animal health experts from industry, government and academia. Our report provided the foundation for wider collaborative discussions with international stakeholders on future disease control and prevention efforts.

Client team: Marketing and business development

Issue: GE Healthcare asked Oxford Analytica to be an independent provider of assessments of the likely impact of its new healthcare products and solutions.

Engagement: We reviewed GE Healthcare innovations to ensure that they were likely to contribute to lower healthcare costs, expanded healthcare access, and improved healthcare quality. We devised a robust framework for assessing and validating the extent to which GE Healthcare’s innovative products and solutions would make a contribution to these stated objectives.

Result: Our work helped underpin the six billion-dollar GE Healthymagination initiative.

Client team: Human development and health 

Issue: For the World Bank study ‘Improving Maternal and Reproductive Health in South Asia: Drivers and Enablers’, Oxford Analytica prepared the sections ‘Drivers and Enablers of Maternal Mortality Reduction in India’ and ‘Drivers and Enablers of Maternal Mortality Reduction in Nepal’ in addition to contributing to the first draft of the study.

Engagement: The study identifies the interventions and factors that contributed to reducing the maternal mortality ratio and improving maternal and reproductive health outcomes in South Asia. Drivers are interventions at the health sector and programme levels, as well as behavioural change interventions at the household level. Enablers are policies, strategies, and actions outside the health sector at the contextual, multisectoral, and community levels. The analysis in the study is based on a structured literature review of interventions in South Asian countries, as well as relevant international experience.

Result: The evidence on “what works,” synthesized in this study, should assist decision makers in adopting, implementing and scaling-up interventions to accelerate progress toward achieving the maternal reproductive health targets of the new Sustainable Development Goals.