Food and Drink

A combine harvesting a field of wheat

We advise consumer goods and agriculture firms on economic opportunities and political risks in their key markets, on long-term trends including demand forecasting and on sustainability and supply chain risk.

Client team: Strategy

Issue: What will the world look like in 2020; how will changing dynamics affect the demand for confectionery and other food products?

Engagement: Trend analysis and scenario planning from our Advisory macro strategy team

Result: The client integrated this study into its long-term strategy, capturing new opportunities and mitigating future risks.

Client team: Sustainability

Issue: Which countries have the best potential as long-term rice suppliers from a commercial and ethical perspective?

Engagement: Country analysis (including social and environmental horizon-scanning) from our Advisory CSR team.

Result: The client prioritised ten countries from which to source rice.

Client team: Business Development

Issue: What are the prospects for economic growth, increased consumer demand and infrastructure improvements in Ethiopia?

Engagement: Ethiopia country analysis from our Advisory macro strategy team.

Result: Ethiopia has become a pivotal part of the client's growth strategy in Africa.

Client team: Political risk, Strategy

Issue: An agri-multinational wanted to prepare for possible changes in senior government personnel following an election, and the probable consequences for policy trajectory.

Engagement: Subscription to The Daily Brief, with additional bespoke analysis and one-to-one follow-up.

Result: Client was forewarned of personnel and policy changes and could deploy business risk mitigation and operational strategies as a result.