Financial services

The New York Stock Exchange

We advise asset managers and risk managers on the political and economic risks to their investments and on asset allocation. 

We advise strategy and business development teams on due diligence in M&A and on future investment opportunities.

Client team: Financial risk

Issue: What economic scenarios over the next five years could adversely affect the client's balance sheet exposure?

Engagement: Plausible medium-term, high-stress economic scenarios from our Advisory macro strategy team

Result: The client adjusted its risk positioning and successfully underwent UK and European stress-testing reviews.

Client team: Strategy

Issue: What market opportunities and risks could arise from the acquisition of a wealth management company?

Engagement: Econometric analysis and scenario planning across 50 countries from the Advisory macro strategy team

Result: The client acquired the target for 15.5 billion dollars.

Client team: Asset managers

Issue: How could political, regulatory and security factors combine to shape sub-Saharan Africa’s agribusiness sector over the next five years?

Engagement: Region-wide and country-specific risk reports from the Advisory country risk team.

Result: The client prioritised four countries in which to invest.

Client team: Risk managers, investment analysts, portfolio managers

Issue: An asset manager needed to understand and monitor geopolitical developments that could affect the regulatory and investment environment for extractive and energy industries in selected regions.

Engagement: Subscription to regional editions of The Daily Brief, with follow-up calls with regional specialists and customised e-mail alerting for high-priority notification of critical events.

Result: The client is assured of continuous tracking of geopolitical developments with impact on investment decisions that can be incorporated into portfolio reviews, and access to relevant expert analysis.

Client team: Marketing and Business Development

Issue: What factors will drive sustainable trade over the next 10-15 years?

Engagement: Two thought leadership reports from our Advisory thought leadership and CSR teams, using trend analysis and scenario planning:

  • Insights: Five Drivers of Sustainable Trade
  • Scenarios for the Future of Sustainable Trade

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Result: Commerzbank positioned itself as a leader in sustainable trade financing.

Client team: Country risk

Issue: The client wanted to understand what risks they should be most concerned about in the year ahead.

Engagement: Attendance at The Oxford Analytica Conference: Global Horizons 2015 where they participated in a range of highly interactive seminars, attended panels, networked and benefitted from speaking with experts one-on-one about the major risks in key geographies and industries.

Result: The client gained new insights on current issues, a broader understanding of the key risks and opportunities in 2016 and knowledge of what their peers were concerned with; all of which fed back in to their day-to-day work to help achieve the strategic goals of their business.

Client team: Brokerage at a political risk underwriter

Issue: To help enable quick decisions in a competitive environment

Engagement: Subscription to the Global Risk Monitor for its daily review and weekly email update on developing issues

Result: A successful addition to the client’s resource mix, which has improved the risk/return balance of business won.