Global Analysis and Advisory

Oxford Analytica is a global analysis and advisory firm which draws on a worldwide network of experts to advise its clients on their strategy and performance.

Our insights and judgements on global issues enable our clients to succeed in a world where the nexus of politics and economics, state and business is critical.


Giving corporate and government executives a proven edge in assessing the impact of global events and turning risks into opportunities

Katerina Fytatzi and Alison Baily

Where next for Libya?

North Africa analyst Katerina Fytatzi talks to Senior Middle East analyst Alison Baily about how ‘Islamic State’ jihadists and foreign intervention will affect the outlook for Libya’s troubled transition.
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Advising companies, organisations and govern­ments on the impact of macro factors on their commercial and strategic interests

Strategy among other business concepts


Providing clients with forward-looking insights to support their plans and decisions


Identifying, assessing and managing multiple forms of macro risk, from political risk to reputation risk

Business and Society

Creating value while navigating the pressures and possibilities of sustainability and governance trends

Thought Leadership

Helping clients engage stakeholders on the basis of expert analysis and original research


Bringing together clients with our in-house team and global network of experts in calls, briefings, thought leadership and meetings

Photograph of the Global Horizons conference

Global Horizons

17-19 September 2014, Christ Church Oxford

Provides CEOs, policy makers and government leaders with access to our global network of experts to analyse in real time the important issues facing decision-makers in the private and public sector.

Berne Union

7-10 October 2013, Vienna

Graham Hutchings gave a keynote speech 'Transitions, Tipping Points, Transformations? The Changing Landscape of Global Trade'

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Canada ASEAN forum

8-9 October 2013, Singapore

Business leaders, ministers and senior policy officers gathered in Singapore after the APEC summit to discuss growing trade and investment between ASEAN and Canada.

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