Stakeholder analysis

Network graph of elite stakeholders

Stakeholder analysis comprises mapping and engagement strategy: mapping to understand opaque operating environments, and engagement to best position clients to operate within that environment over time.

Stakeholder mapping visually captures and evaluates governmental and non-governmental relationships within an operating environment. The analysis enables our clients to identify and plan for strategic and operational opportunity, vulnerability and risk.

Stakeholder engagement strategy is an extension of stakeholder mapping. The engagement strategy enables clients to identify and prioritise key relationships, while understanding how to improve external perception amongst critical stakeholders. This is often complemented by scenario planning, examining the importance of relevant stakeholders given different macro environments.

Client team: Government relations in a major utilities conglomerate

Issue: The client needs to protect assets over the long term in a country where one political figure has ruled for decades and macroeconomic crisis currently pervades.

Engagement: Macroeconomic, political and social scenario modelling from our Advisory macro strategy team,  to provide a clear sense of possible futures over the next five years. In each scenario, we identified key stakeholders within and outside government and put forward stakeholder engagement strategies.  

Result: The client identified and prioritised relevant external stakeholders so as to optimise its operations in all potential scenarios.

Client team: Corporate security

Issue: How does the interplay between state and non-state actors pose a threat to the client's oil and gas operations in Somaliland?

Engagement: Stakeholder mapping of key militant groups and their relationship with other political and security actors from our Advisory corporate security team.

Result: The client prioritised operating locations in need of enhanced protection.

Client team: International Government Affairs

Issue: How does the interplay between political and economic actors in Russia influence policy towards the extractive sector?

Engagement: Stakeholder mapping from the policy analysis team of our Advisory practice, supplemented by the Russia/CIS edition of The Daily Brief to provide daily monitoring of the political environment

Result: The client strengthened its government relations and engagement in Russia.