Risk and opportunity assessment

Laptop showing Oxford Analytica's Threat assessment map

Risk assessment is engineered to help you mitigate or avoid direct threats posed to your organisation and benefit from opportunities that arise.

We work with your organisation to understand current operations and future plans within given countries, regions or business areas. We then harness our world-class network of experts to determine how your organisation could be impacted by current and emerging threats.

Threats analysed include standard political risk elements such as political violence, exchange transfer risk, advanced persistent cyber risk and expropriation risk. We also assess current and emerging non-state risks, such as terrorism, non-state cyber risk, social unrest and macroeconomic pressures.

We deliver the results to you in a form which is simple to integrate with your existing risk processes, which highlights critical and dynamic elements, and which is accessible to everyone in your organisation who needs access. 

Our in-house team of engagement managers have decades of experience tailoring complex risk assessments to private and public sector organisations. They help decision-makers formulate a resilient strategy considering the most critical, likely and compelling threats to strategic interests and continuity of operations.  

Client team: Aviation Security

Issue: A Middle Eastern airline needs to understand the current and emerging security risks threatening its operations across 22 priority countries.

Engagement: Real-time assessment of critical aviation security risks from our corporate security team's risk assessment information system

Result: The client responds quickly and effectively to shifting dynamics in the security environment. Our service strengthens internal processes for reviewing suspended routes and new markets from a threat management perspective.

Client team: Geopolitical risk

Issue: How will political and economic developments in key African countries affect the client’s operations?

Engagement: Regular expert briefings and rapid-response analysis from our Advisory country risk team.

Result: The client enhanced its contingency planning mechanisms and is better prepared to pre-empt political and economic volatility.