Macro forecasting

Examples of Oxford Analytica forecasts using column and line graphs

We provide quantitative sectoral outlooks, trend/impact/demand analysis and bespoke projections for cities, countries, regions or worldwide.

We work closely with clients and experts to develop a bespoke model that can produce relevant outputs for a particular sector or business by using a combination of quantitative drivers. Once we have selected these drivers - in a qualitative, expert-guided process - we then add inputs to the model. Where possible these inputs draw on hard data. Where that is not possible, we use carefully quantified judgments that draw on the insights of experts with specialist local knowledge.

This expert-guided quantitative/qualitative approach provides our clients with closely tailored macro forecasts that go beyond traditional quantitative-only forecasts. Our model assumptions are transparent and continuously updated, and our methodology avoids simply extrapolating historical data into the future. 

Client team: Strategy

Issue: What will the world look like in 2020; how will changing dynamics affect the demand for confectionery and other food products?

Engagement: Trend analysis and scenario planning from our Advisory macro strategy team

Result: The client integrated this study into its long-term strategy, capturing new opportunities and mitigating future risks.

Client team: Strategy

Issue: What will cities look like in 2040 and how will their infrastructure needs drive demand for natural resources?

Engagement: Econometric forecasting and trend analysis from our Advisory macro strategy team

Result: The client developed new strategies to seize emerging opportunities and mitigate potential risks.

Client team: Sustainability

Issue: What long-term trends will affect the supply of natural resources required for future energy production?

Engagement: Our macro strategy and CSR teams carried out a study forecasting demand and supply across the spectrum of natural resources using our Advisory practice's macro forecasting methodology.

Result: The client developed strategies to anticipate future water scarcity and other resource constraints.

Client team: Strategy and Business Development

Issue: What opportunities will exist for infrastructure investment at a global level in the next five years?

Engagement: Demand forecasting and scenario planning from our Advisory macro strategy team.

Result: The client updated its medium-term business development strategy.