Country scores and ratings

Political map of Africa, with countries shaded according to score, alongside a ranked table of related country scores ranging from Botswana (57.00) to Democratic Republic of the Congo (31.39)

Our indices, country scores and rankings provide outputs that can be measured, monitored and compared across geographies and over time.

We have extensive experience in developing indices tailored to each client’s geographic, thematic and sectoral interests.

Indices can be built using a combination of sources. We start with hard data drawn from reputable and comparable sources. When this is not available, we use econometric techniques and surveys of country experts to generate inputs for an index.

Our clients use our tailored country rankings to support decision-making, and to add impact to thought leadership initiatives.


Client team: Public Policy Research

Issue: How can policymakers gain a holistic understanding of national prosperity that is not based entirely on traditional wealth indicators such as GDP?

Engagement: Our Advisory thought leadership team constructed an index which measured both wealth and non-wealth (such as wellbeing, happiness and social mobility) indicators and their role in creating prosperity. This is the first global index to provide an empirical framework for prosperity as a complex blend of both income and wellbeing. View the Prosperity Index.

Result: The Prosperity Index garnered significant media and policymaker attention, and the client went on to enhance substantially the index, its engagements with policymakers, and its offerings around the index.