Dr Megha Kumar

Deputy Director of Analysis

Megha joined the firm in 2010. She leads our Asia Pacific coverage and is responsible in particular for the coverage of South Asia and South-east Asia in Oxford Analytica’s flagship analysis product, the Daily Brief. She analyses macro political, economic, diplomatic and social trends in her region and regularly contributes to bespoke risk assessment projects led by the Analysis and Advisory Practices.

Recent contributions to tailored projects include a review of risks in foreign acquisition of energy assets, strategic analysis of land administration in infrastructure-deficient emerging markets, and extensive monitoring and assessment of issues in the mining sector.

An Indian specialist, Megha has published academic articles and book reviews, and worked as a freelance journalist for two years in Delhi. Her book Communalism and Sexual Violence in India: The Politics of Gender, Ethnicity and Conflict was published by I.B. Tauris in June 2016.

She holds a DPhil and an MSt in colonial South Asian history from Balliol College, University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, and a BA from the University of Delhi. She held the Past and Present Research Fellowship at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London, and taught South Asian history and politics at Oxford.

Dr Megha Kumar