Dr Michael Taylor

Senior Analyst, Eastern Europe

Covers Central Europe from the Baltic to the Balkans, Greece, Cyprus and the South Caucasus. His special interests include developments in European NATO and in the global shipping industry.
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Region Heads

Dr Liz David-Barrett

Research Fellow, Said Business School, University of Oxford

Research focus is on the regulation of bribery and corruption in international business, the associated legal and reputational risks and the impact of this on corporate behaviour. Works also on political corruption and the regulation of political conduct in Europe, and has conducted research in this area for the Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Transparency International, the Open Society Institute and the European Commission. PhD in Politics from the University of Oxford. Prior to her academic career, was a journalist, contributing to The Economist, Financial Times, Business Central Europe and BBC World Service on politics and the economy in south-eastern Europe.

Dr Hartmut Mayer

Official Fellow and Tutor in Politics, St Peter's College, University of Oxford

Currently (2011-14) a long-term Visiting Professor at Hamburg University and the GIGA German Institute for Global and Areas Studies. Academic interests include German and EU politics, international relations theory, EU-Asia relations (in particular Japan), European responses to rising powers and comparative regionalism. Has held research and visiting posts at the European University Institute in Florence (1995), Waseda University (2006-07) and Hitotsubashi University (2010), both in Tokyo. Prior to his academic career, worked as a freelance journalist in Germany for more than ten years, among others with Sueddeutsche Zeitung and DIE ZEIT.

Professor Anand Menon

Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs, King's College London

Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at Kings College London, co-directing the project ‘Europe in Crisis’. Previously Professor of West European Politics and founding Director of the European Research Institute, at the University of Birmingham. Taught for ten years at the University of Oxford (St Antony’s College). Has held positions at the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, Boston University, Columbia University and New York University. Author and editor of multiple books on the European Union, France and NATO and published widely in the media, including the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal.

Dr Othon Anastasakis

Fellow of St Antony’s College, Oxford University, and Director of South-east European Studies

Teaches South-east European politics at St Antony's College. Previously a researcher at the London School of Economics (LSE) and an expert on the EU at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Studied at the universities of Athens, Columbia (New York) and the LSE, and has written books and articles on sustainable growth in South-eastern Europe, Greek and Turkish relations, Greece’s position in the Balkans, comparative democratisation in South-eastern Europe, EU-Balkan relations and EU conditionality.

Sir Ivor Roberts

President of Trinity College, Oxford

Formerly British Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Ireland and Italy.

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