Strategic Issues Monitor

Mining Sector

Emerging issues and risks for leading companies in the mining sector

Oxford Analytica’s Strategic Issues Monitor (SIM) for the mining sector is designed for executives and analysts who require detailed insight into the geopolitical, financial, regulatory and social developments that affect the industry.

The global mining sector is increasingly impacted by the political actions of resource-hungry nations, climate change negotiators, and empowered local communities in resource-rich areas.

Our SIM service tracks precisely these topics, providing an early warning dashboard to monitor emerging risks and forecasts on issues ranging from mining regulatory regimes to global trends in mining investments.

Detailed analysis of emerging issues

The SIM service is based around four in-depth reports. Each report provides forward-looking analysis of emerging issues, and comes with an Executive Brief that summarises key developments in all four areas.

The four reports cover:

  • Competition for access to mining resources
  • Codes, regulations and fiscal regimes
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and social licence
  • Climate change and environmental regulation

In addition to the core reports, which are issued annually, all SIM clients have access to monthly updates on the sector trends that are most relevant to their business.

A Unique Service

What makes the Mining Sector Strategic Issues Monitor unique?

Oxford Analytica further proposes client-specific services to optimise usage of the SIM. These include conference calls and in-person presentations to prompt strategic thinking on topics of highest relevance to each client.
Analysis is produced by recognised leaders in their field—the SIM is based on insights from experts in our global network of more than 1,500 people. As a result our service is informed, in-depth and up-to-date.
Like all Oxford Analytica publications, SIM uses a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together experts with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. We have established an expert panel for each of the four topics SIM covers.
SIM uses a peer review process whereby analysis by one contributor is reviewed by another expert of an equal or greater level of expertise. In this way, we ensure quality, accuracy and absence of bias in our analysis.

An Indispensable Resource

For strategic planning executives, the SIM service provides an indispensable resource for qualitative forecasting of the business environment.

For government affairs professionals, the service provides an early warning on emerging issues in mining sector regulation.

And for risk managers, the mining SIM identifies and tracks emerging risks that could lead to correlated loss events.