A Trusted Advisor

Our extensive global reach and independence make us a trusted and valuable resource for international companies, financial institutions and government agencies. We work closely with our clients to identify the key political, economic, legal and regulatory factors affecting their interests in complex markets.

For investors and corporations seeking growth and value, we provide critical Global Macro Diligence capabilities that expose hidden risks and reveal unseen opportunities. In our macro analytical capacity, we ensure the strongest foundation for market entry in emerging markets.

As macro advisors, we serve our clients in the equally important execution stage, ensuring that they establish the strongest long-term foothold in a new market and forge sustainable partnerships with key stakeholders across business and government.

Our private sector clients include financial institutions and hedge funds, energy and mining companies, technology firms, diversified conglomerates and professional services firms.

For governments and international organisations we provide advice and research to complement or benchmark their own findings - from political, economic and social analysis of key state factors, to global issues such as trade or demographics.

We serve over 50 governments and many of the major international agencies.