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Recent media appearances

Uganda's election

Africa Analyst William Attwell discusses the Ugandan election and prospects for the oil industry with BBC World News.

UK's EU renegotiation

Dr. Michael Taylor, European Analyst discusses the UK's renegotiation of its EU membership on BBC's Good Evening Wales.

France's rising right

Western Europe Analyst Brigid Fowler talks to BBC Radio Wales about the first round of France's regional elections, in which Marine Le Pen's National Front made gains.

Paris attacks

Following the attacks on Paris, our Middle East Analyst, Alison Baily, discusses the military response to Islamic State Group with BBC World News, Focus on Africa.

Interest rate outlook to keep euro weak

Western Europe Analyst, Brigid Fowler, discusses the factors behind euro weakness and its effects on UK businesses and tourism with BBC Radio Oxford.

Brunei: Fiscal stimulus can soften impact of falling oil prices

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Alan Boyd, expert for South-east Asia, discusses a necessary government stimulus to soften the impact of low oil prices on the Bruneian economy.

Government has to address 'indirect costs' of doing business in Brunei

The move to implement business has attracted wide attention, but business reforms needed to attract more investors. Alan Boyd, expert for South-east Asia, is quoted in The Brunei Times.

Terrorist attack in Thailand

Dr Megha Kumar, Deputy Director of Analysis, examines the possible background and political implications of the recent bomb attack in Thailand with BBC Radio Oxford.

Consumption led growth in Greece?

"People have been taking money out of the bank and perhaps they've been spending it." Dr Michael Taylor, Senior Analyst for Eastern Europe, joins Sam Meredith from Dukascopy to discuss Greece's economic growth in the last three months.

Obama visit highlights Ethiopia's role in fighting Islamic terrorists

Our Africa Analyst William Attwell is quoted in USA Today on Obama's visit to Africa and the importance of trade agreements between the countries.

UK: "Enjoying Vibrant Growth"

UK unemployment rose for the first time in two years so how will the economy respond? Our Analyst for International Economy Francesca Panelli looks at recently released data on Dukascopy TV.

What next for Greece after the deal?

A third bailout for Greece has been agreed in return for tough reforms. Our Senior Analyst for Eastern Europe, Dr Michael Taylor, explains the next steps for Greece to BBC Radio Oxford.

Implications of the referendum in Greece

Senior Analyst for Western Europe, Brigid Fowler explains to the audience of BBC Radio Oxford the background to the Greek referendum and the implications of the outcome.

Argentina's Lessons for Greece?

What can Greece learn from Argentina's history, its default in 2001 and the economic crisis? Dr Jill Hedges joins Owen Bennett, Domingo Cavallo and other guests to discuss possible lessons.

What are the effects of growth in Africa?

William Attwell, our Africa Analyst, discusses the impact of growth in African countries on BBC World News' Business Edition.

Why does Islamic State destroy ancient ruins in Syria?

Alison Baily, Senior Analyst, Middle East, discusses why IS targets archaeological sites on BBC Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement.

Euro GDP Analysis

Many European countries have released their GDP figures today. Francesca Panelli, Analyst for International Economy, helps Dukascopy to assess how the overall economic health of the EU is shaping up.

Shell gets go-ahead to drill in Arctic

US government has given Shell permission to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean. Dr Chris Oates speaks to World Business Report on the BBC World Service on the economic implications for the United States.

UK: Election preview

The British public are heading to the polls to cast their votes, what economic impact can we expect moving forwards? Our Senior Analyst for Western Europe, Brigid Fowler, spoke to Dukascopy TV.

UK: Election hampering economy?

UK GDP data showed a contraction in growth for the UK ahead of the election, what could we expect moving forwards? Francesca Panelli, our Analyst for International Economy spoke to Dukascopy TV.