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Newsnight: More workers, more pensions, lower salary demands

Europe Analyst Stephanie on BBC Newsnight: more workers, more pensions, lower salary demands are driving low wage growth

Argentina solicita un proceso contra EE.UU. en La Haya

Our analyst Paz Zarate talks to CNN about Argentina's ICJ application against the US and whether this is a matter ruled by international or national law.

Argentina Sues US in International Court of Justice Over Debt Dispute

Our analyst Paz Zarate speaks to the WSJ about the possible reaction of the US government regarding Argentina's application before the International Court of Justice

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Sectarian showdown in Iraq

The Sunni militant offensive against Iraq's Shia government threatens to escalate into a broader conflict with major implications for the region.

European Parliament elections 'shock' will be limited, for now

EU voters have returned a EP with a strong anti-incumbent and eurosceptic flavour, raising concerns about the functioning of European institutions, amid continuing fiscal and economic crisis.

No impact to clients from "Heartbleed" security issue

No systems which Oxford Analytica owns or operates are vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. All suppliers hosting services or equipment on which client-confidential data is stored report no vulnerability.

Has the Venezuelan government helped or hurt the country's poor?

Washington Post "Wonkblog" cites our research on inequality in Latin America

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CNN interview Afshin Molavi, Senior Global Advisor

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